What is special about NBAO™ or Nano Bubble Aqueous Ozone Technology

The biggest challenge to making Aqueous Ozone or dissolving ozone gas in water is to ensure no gas escapes while doing so and hence not meeting safety standards. Most manufacturers struggle to do so and therefore compromise by generating very little gas for dissolving it in water. However even then they encounter two problems :
a) Aqueous Ozone has a very low shelf life which means it loses its potency to clean and sanitize very fast maybe in 5-10 mins.
b) Aqueous Concentration in low concentration becomes ineffective in cleaning ability as well as sanitisation.
Our patented Nanobubble technology resolves this completely it ensures extension of ozone stability and enhancement of its disinfection ability for hours and also allows dissolving high amount of gas to create a very powerful and potent cleaning and disinfectant liquid.
Above all the Nanobubbles are able to penetrate every nook and deep crevices to give cleaning and sanitisation efficiency like never before.