VIBASAFE for Banks & Offices

VIBASAFE for Banks & Offices

We help in protecting the health of the staff and visitors to ensure smooth functioning of this high-traffic environment.

Protect Banks & Offices with VIBASAFE

Banks, government and public offices are frequented by hundreds of people from various walks of life every day. Unprotected common surfaces and high-traffic areas such as washrooms, office cabins, desk, etc. inside these premises are the breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. Moreover, the lack of proper cleaning protocols and non-adherence to hygiene stands further result in degradation of the environment by mold growth and odor. The cost of maintaining such premises are high due to use of conventional disinfection methods that are out of date.

VIBASAFE’s long-lasting surface protection ensures that the bacteria and viruses are destroyed on contact with the surface. This results in arresting the growth of such microbes that have the potential degrading the premises. The application of VIBASAFE recommended technologies create an inhospitable environment for bacteria, mold and mildew, ultimately inhibiting their ability to grow and reproduce.

Common Applications

Work desk & chair

Meeting room

Common touch surfaces

Office equipment

Windows & Doors

ATMs & Paper bills

Common Washroom

Air Ventilator

Cleaning Equipments

Are you VIBASAFE protected?

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