VIBASAFE for Trains, Airlines & Buses

VIBASAFE for Trains, Airlines & Buses

We help achieve long-lasting, antimicrobial solutions for common, high-traffic transportation environments to prevent the spread of infections.

Protect Trains, Airlines & Buses with VIBASAFE

The transportation industry is one of the worst-affected sectors during the pandemic of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Airports, railway stations, bus stands, as well as vehicles are all high-traffic environments and, thus, more prone to be the breeding grounds for microbes. Even regular cleaning of unprotected surfaces with disinfectants is not enough to inhibit the recurrence of bacteria. In addition, contact with moisture and atmospheric conditions speed the growth of bacteria and cause the growth of mold and mildew. This further aggravates to stains and odor, contributing to premature product and environment degradation and incurring heavy expense on maintenance.

VIBASAFE’s antimicrobial technologies assist in safeguarding against the spread of infection by giving proactive, 24/7 protection on high-touch, high-traffic surfaces. Studies conducted in 3rd party laboratories demonstrate up to 99.999% reduction in the growth of microbes, and limiting the resulting stains and odors.

Common Applications


Common Premises


Common touch surfaces


Air ducts & vents

Station Cafes

Seats & Furniture

Ticket Counters

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