VIBASAFE for Educational Institutes

VIBASAFE for Education Institutes

Pathogen protection of all high contact Surfaces, Classrooms, Dormitories, Toilets, Cafeterias, Sports Arenas and Equipment.

Protect Education Institutes with VIBASAFE

Equipment used in education environments, as well as common surfaces in schools, coaching centers, colleges and universities can be breeding grounds for the growth of bacteria and viruses. These common premises in education institutes are often shared among multiple users, and thus, the cleaning protocols can be difficult to maintain. It is also important since desks and tables are of frequent disinfection procedures applied, leave no residue and are suitable for multiple applications in a day.

Children play-areas, toys, etc. cannot be disinfected with commercial grade cleaners. Similarly, eating and study tables used by children and students cannot be subject to toxins and chemical residue.

VIBASAFE’s 24×7 permanent Anti-bacterial Surface treatment combined with Activated Oxygen Technology ensures zero residue, zero chemical usage all generated in situ using plain tap water. Helping institutions not only achieve their sanitation objectives but also assure students and their Parents a safe, secure and healthy Environment.

Common Applications



Common toilet




Common Touch Surfaces


Electronic Equipments

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