Activated Oxygen Technology

Activated Oxygen Technology

About Activated Oxygen Technology

For ages, surface sanitation, disinfection and hygiene have been carried about by chemicals which were proven to be more effective on pathogens and less harmful to people. Residual chemicals, post disinfection, have been of concern and some have been proven to cause cancer, skin rashes etc. Cleaning agents, foaming and surfactants, all are known to put an immense load on the water treatment plants. So whilst they may be achieving objectives on the floor or for their respective uses, they tend to be highly unsustainable in the long run.

Our Advanced Oxygen Technology for sanitation and cleaning ticks all the boxes to be called the 20th-century on-site generation technology. It is a cleaner, disinfectant, sanitizer and deodorizer – all rolled in one and leaves no residual by-products other than oxygen and water.  As per records, ozone has been used for water disinfection since the 18th century. The Green Seal Organization has just certified the aqueous ozone made by an aqueous system is safer for users and the environment than traditional cleaning products.

Aqueous Ozone is derived when Ozone gas is mixed with water in proportionate concentrations. Ozone is a gas which derives its name from the Greek word OZEIN and in Hebrew which means Breath of the Gods. The pleasant smell of fresh rain or first rain of the season, when it falls on the earth, is nothing but ozone in the air getting mixed with rainwater and rejuvenating the soil on earth. It is not without reason the first rain is considered good for the skin and elimination of diseases associated with it.

'Ozone is the most natural and powerful disinfectant known to man.'

Key Features:

faster than Chlorine
3000 times faster than Chlorine
Eliminates germs
Eliminates germs, odour, stains, mold & mildew
Kills viruses like SARS, MRSA, Hepatitis
Kills viruses like SARS, MRSA, Hepatitis
water treatment systems
Reduces load on water treatment systems
No consumables required
No consumables required as raw material is water
powerful than Chlorine
50 times more powerful than Chlorine
chemical residue
Safe & effective with no toxins/chemical residue
Kills bacteria like E Coli & Salmonella
Kills bacteria like E Coli & Salmonella
used directly on fruits & vegetables
Can be used directly on fruits & vegetables
No need to wear gloves
No need to wear gloves & PPE during application

Comparison Between Chemical Disinfectants & Aqueous Ozone

Advanced Oxygen Water Efficacy Test

Oxidation Strength Comparison

Typical Applications: