Meet the Pioneers


VIBASAFE™ is a division of Accelerated Cleaning Systems India Pvt. Ltd. a company established in 2011 working on technologies and solutions related to water treatment, Rejuvenation, Health and Hygiene.

We believe hygiene and biosecurity is extremely important and needs a 24×7, 365-day-a-year approach towards protection. However, whilst doing so, it cannot be at the cost of our health and the environment. We, at VIBASAFE, understand the impact and limitations the current chemical-based, residual antimicrobial solutions available in the market have. Moreover, these solutions are not eco-friendly, incur wastage, and are ineffective against pathogens in the long run.

As markets rush to open up a business and look forward to welcoming and assuring customers, it is also being flooded with unviable and not only poisonous but very harsh-to-the-skin chemicals, under the garb of biodegradable, organic, earth-friendly, etc. solutions.

To combat these challenges, we, at VIBASAFE, have brought into the process, chemical-free biosecurity solutions using state-of-the-art technologies like Nano Shield, Activated Oxygen Technology, UV Radiation Technology, and EC Spray Technology for hygiene, disinfection and cleaning applications. We also take guidance from our team of experts and also keep a keen eye on what is the latest to ensure not only you but also your customers and staff get the best and most secure standards of safety and security.


To assist business and families to secure their premises using sustainable practices and products. To enable business to assure and retain customers and their health by promoting latest state of the art technologies which do not harm the environment.


To be regarded as a standard benchmark for Hygiene and Infection Prevention.

What we offer