VIBASAFE for Gyms & Clubs

VIBASAFE for Gyms & Clubs

The addition of antimicrobial technology on unprotected surfaces and common spaces extends the durability of equipment and protect the interest of customers.

Protect Gyms & Clubs with VIBASAFE

Sanitizing and hygiene factors, overall cleanliness and an environment not conducive to diseases, are the bare necessity that customers look for while choosing a gym or health clubs. Hence, it is essential for organizations to maintain the level of cleanliness so that it doesn’t impact the business and, most importantly, doesn’t impact the health of their visitors. With gyms and clubs being amongst the most high-traffic places that are prone to the breeding of bacteria, it is essential that the mold and odor causing microbes are kept in check.

All the more important chemicals and poisonous disinfectants are avoided in hand contact equipment like dumbbells etc and the quality of hygiene and sanitation provided does not impact customer experience or customer assurance.

Common Applications

Exercising machines


Changing rooms

Common touch surfaces

Flooring & mats

Air ducts & ventilators

Gym Floor


Elevator Buttons

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