How safe is Liquid Ozone or Aqueous Ozone ?

Many people associate the word ‘ozone’ with harmful and dangerous gases. Aqueous Ozone is different. It is 100% safe and harmless to people and has been certified safe by leading governing bodies across the world, including the FDA and Health Canada. It is also HACCP and Green Seal certified. Since ozone is an unstable molecule, it reverts to oxygen faster than the water evaporates without off-gassing.  In this way liquid ozone is a safe and preferential alternative to chemical disinfectants, many of which are themselves asthma triggers. Aqueous Ozone has been around for over a hundred years, during which time it has been used by the military, the Olympics, water treatment plants and deemed safe by the likes of Health Canada, NSF and the FDA. It is now being used to clean and disinfect some major airports like Changi etc. Various tests have shown that Aqueous Ozone has zero health implications and is 100% safe for those who come into contact with it. You can spray it on your hands, onto your food and even if accidently ingested, it will not cause any harm. In fact, Aqueous Ozone is the much safer solution, even when compared to standard cleaning chemicals. Toxic chemicals such as bleach and chlorine-based cleaners are heavily linked to asthmatic and respiratory problems, as well as skin and eye irritation – all things which Aqueous Ozone are not. By comparison, Aqueous Ozone is the much safer option with less harmful effects on anyone who uses it.