VIBASAFE for Shopping Centers & Malls

VIBASAFE for Shopping Centers & Malls

Reinforcing the trust of the stakeholders as well as the customers by providing permanent antimicrobial solutions in high-traffic Commercial Environments.

Protect High-traffic Shopping Centers & Malls with VIBASAFE

The commercial environment consists of a variety of high traffic, high touch spaces. As bacteria can double up in number every 20 minutes on unprotected surfaces, products, washrooms, equipment in shopping center and mall environments can be susceptible to stains, odors and premature degradation as a result of bacteria exposure. Incorporating VIBASAFE’s approach of permanent antimicrobial coatings on Shelf’s, Shopping racks, Fruit and Vegetable Shelves ensure not only 24x 7 protection from hosting microbial colonies but at the same time the in Situ Ozone or Activated oxygen disinfection is the only treatment of its kind which can be directly sprayed on fruits and vegetables as well as containers. This not only ensures consistent protection but protection between disinfection cycles. Above all activated oxygen is proven to increase shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables thus ensuring better quality as well as more fresh produce at the customer’s plate.

Our antimicrobial coatings can be applied in food courts, restrooms, kitchens, etc. ensuring odor-free environments.

To top it up VIBASAFE's approach of zero-chemicals and no-cleaner requirement eliminates the rinsing process completely thus ensuring not only less chemicals but also less water to the treatment plant.

Common Applications

Shopping Racks/Shelves

Elevators & Escalators

Common Touch Surfaces

Fruits & Vegetables

Store Products/ Appliances


Food Courts

Chairs & Furniture

Recreation Areas

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