We adhere to FOOD Safety and Sanitation measures following HACCP guidelines. Rinse-free washing procedures, zero-chemical, 24×7 protection from Viruses and Bacteria, with a focus complete customer assurance.


The HORECA industry is the most severely impacted and the most vulnerable to infections and hygiene control accidents. Ranging from equipment washing, Produce Washing, Pesticide Removal, Kitchen Floor Washing, Restaurant Tables Sanitization, all need to be protected and typically need to follow HACCP guidelines.

Activated oxygen/ozone has been in use as disinfectant for more than 100 years now. Above all our ability to provide consistent quality and on demand solutions ensure uninterrupted bio security.

Our safe and secure line of products ensure workers can have a worry-free atmosphere, at the same time, zero concerns about spillage, eye contact, etc.

Activated Oxygen water based disinfection is the only solution of its kind which can be directly sprayed or washed with produce, vegetables fruits, etc. with no rinsing cycle required. This ensures reduction in time for cleaning as well as reduction in water consumption. Above all, protection between disinfection cycles with the help of our Nano-Shield technology ensures odor free, clean and above all a sanitized and safe environment for customers.

Incorporating the chemical-free, non-residual measures provided by VIBASAFE can be an important part of a system approach to maintaining cleaner surfaces for foodborne illness prevention. The solutions can be applied across the environment such as storage, delivery, processing, preparation and serving of food, so as to provide foolproof safety against microbes.

Common Applications


Fruits, vegetables & other edibles


Dining area


Napkins & Fabrics

HVAC System


Common Touch Sufaces

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