Why is the NAO( Nanobubble Aqueous Ozone) better than other Sanitizers, Deodorisers and Multipurpose Cleaners ?

Our Machines use only one ingredient – normal tap water. The equipment’s take tap water to make aqueous ozone that will clean and disinfect 3000 times faster than chlorine. Unlike most sanitizers, deodorisers and cleaners, our spray bottle doesn’t use harmful chemicals, dyes, or perfumes. Many ingredients used in typical multi-purpose cleaners are known allergens and can cause irritation of the skin, eyes and respiratory systems, or even asthma. Even some cleaning products that are marketed as “green” or “natural” may have harmful ingredients in their fragrances and dyes. That’s because current regulations do not require manufacturers to list all ingredients on the labels. Our NBAO are green seal approved and qualify under the greener than green concept.
• Ozone is a powerful oxidizing agent
• Aqueous Ozone is FDA-listed as Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS)
• Aqueous Ozone is allowed as an “ingredient” under the USDA National Organic Program
• Aqueous Ozone lethality to viruses and parasites in contaminated water far exceeds chlorination
• Aqueous Ozone treatment enhances water reuse systems by micro-flocculation of suspended particulates
• Aqueous Ozone has been shown to degrade pesticide residues in reuse water and on fruit surfaces
• Aqueous Ozone does not create any significant disinfection by-products
• Aqueous Ozone breaks down to atmospheric oxygen after oxidation or disinfection.