What is Dwell time ?

DWELL time, or contact time is the Amount of time disinfectants need to remain wet on surfaces to properly disinfect. This is an important consideration when purchasing cleaning supplies for fighting Infections like Coronavirus etc. Dwells time vary by disinfectant type and target organism type like Bacteria, virus or fungii.
Ozone has sanitisation abilities which is 3000 times more faster than Chlorine. Being a powerful oxidiser much more than Chlorine , PAA, Hydrogen peroxide etc the dwell time or contact time needed by Ozone to kill or inactivate is in some cases in seconds.
For example lets take the case off one of the most difficult pathogen to kill like giardia. Assuming a PH of 7 and same temperature of 20 C , 1 ppm of chlorine would take 75 minutes to kill it in the same conditions 1 mg of Ozone would be able to do it in 57 seconds.
So for practical clean and wipe operations like restaurant tables etc. an ozone wipe has no comparison and the others have too long dwell times to be practically effective.