Did You Know
Most bacteria develop resistance to chemical disinfectants over prolonged use.
More than 95% of products claiming to be Green, Ecofriendly, 100% Herbal, Bio Degradable, etc. were found guilty of false Green Washing.
India loses more than ₹15 billion every year due to food poisoning or food-borne diseases.
In India more than 4.5 lakh suicides in the past decade have been caused using chemical cleaners or pesticides.
Chemicals used to create fragrances in most of the chemical cleaners have been banned in Europe and USA.
Triclosan found in most antibacterial or antimicrobial cleaners, soaps, etc. was found to contain dangerous cancer causing properties and banned.
Most sanitizer, spraying and fogging operations are only able to reach 60% to 70% of surfaces.